Park Place Financial Group specializes in helping small and medium size businesses with financing, business insurance, business marketing and wellness services.

On our financing side, we offer complete financing solutions for small and medium–sized businesses. Loans products include small business loans, SBA, SBA bridge loans, 2 to 7 year term loans, purchase invoice and factoring financing, real estate based-lending, equipment financing, express funding. For business insurance we offer property & casualty, workers compensation, disability and life insurance.  Wellness? You read right, we help create opportunities for business owners to give back to their employees by offering wellness services. By offering wellness and mindful workshops for your employees it will help increase employee loyalty, increase in production and overall more supportive work environment. Being a new decade, this is your time to enact and execute plan in this area, which will help aid the health of your business.

Park Place Financial Group utilizes many years of business experience to help guide you in a direction that will position your business for long term growth and stability. We welcome the opportunity to be your partner, within our service areas, to help reduce a business owners learning curve allowing you to have more time to build your business.


Small and medium-sized businesses drive our economy.

Park Place Financial Group has committed itself to offer major support to help aid in the growth of businesses across the country.

Our focus is to offer our knowledge to small and medium size businesses, within our service area. In building our relationships it starts with educating and empowering clients to make smarter more informed financing decisions. By gaining a holistic understanding of your business, we can advise and help you select the best financing loan solutions for your particular needs.


Each Business has it own set of needs.

Our services and intended result are geared around helping business owners in areas that take time away from running the day-to-day operations. As we all know, running a successful business takes commitment, capital, time, resources and know how. Our services cover these important fundamental areas of business, which allows a business owner to reduce frustration, learning curves and mistakes.

As a relationship-driven, referral-based company we are always evolving to help offer you the best business solutions. We embrace innovation in all facets and are always looking for ways to add value to our clients. We want to gain your trust and confidence. This a long term relationship to help your business grow. We don’t take this granted and is why we only want what’s best for you.


We’re Passionate, Dedicated & Committed

Our team consists of seasoned business professionals that truly care and want to help you grow your business. We take great pride in customer service and listening to our clients’ needs. Our experience has allowed us to understand what really is important in running a business in today’s fast paced world.


Joe Costa-CEO

Joe is co-founder of Park Place Financial Group. Joe has been in the financing business since 1990. Joe’s passion for being an entrepreneur dates back to the early 1990’s. During this time he built many businesses which include, real estate, mortgage, marketing and retail. He was involved and responsible for a developing a product that appeared on the hit show, Shark Tank. Over the last couple years of countless hours, research and sampling (various workout platforms) Joe has been inspired to get involved in the wellness and fitness space, specially with the Meditative Vibes brand. Joe’s extensive business experience in management, sales and financing will be instrumental in implementing Meditative Vibes growth strategy. A graduate of University of Maryland and a former New Yorker, Joe has done is share of traveling as well. He also is a father of twin boys age 16.


Marni Wolf-President
Marni Wolf is a co-founder of Park Place Financial Group. She is a graduate of University of Georgia with a business and advertising degree. She has been in financing for over 15 years. In addition, Marni has also owned a variety of other businesses which include Real Estate, Clothing and Mortgage companies. Marni was born in New York and is the mother of three children.



We strongly believe in supporting businesses and foundations.

Giving back and supporting causes we believe in is who we are. As a result, we donate a portion of our profits to organizations and foundations who are continuing to make our world a better place.

Park Place Financial Group

Park Place Financial Group is here to help businesses with their funding needs.
Park Place Financial Group is here to help businesses with their funding needs.